Important Judicial Campaign Fundraising Disclaimers

Thank you so much for your desire to make a donation to Conti for Judge! 

In order to make sure our campaign stays in compliance with all applicable laws we need to 

1.  Provide you with some information and

2. Ask you for a few pieces of information.  

Once you submit this form you will be redirected to our online donation page.  

Conti for Judge cannot solicit campaign funds before February 15, 2020.  We are not soliciting anyone for funds but if an individual would like to make a donation they are free to do so.  

Judicial candidate committees may not solicit attorneys at law for more than $100.00. 

If you are an attorney at law, Conti for Judge is not soliciting you for more than $100.00; attorneys are permitted by law to make the maximum contribution per person.


The maximum contribution allowed per person for this election cycle is $7,150.00. 

Corporate entities, except single-member limited liability companies, cannot make contributions to a judicial candidate committee.


We are required to collect your occupation and your employer, if any. If you do not have an employer and or position please input "Not Applicable."  

Essential Information