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Guy Conti


Circuit Court Judge

Compassionate, Caring, Committed...

For The People



Please note I have withdrawn as a candidate for Washtenaw County Circuit Court Judge. With the ruling of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, I have more than enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. I still believe I would be an excellent resource for the People of our County as a sitting judge.

However, given the COVID-19 pandemic, the gradual re-opening of movement in our state and the need in the next several months to get out, knock on doors and press the flesh and given the fact that my lovely wife Kate, suffers from multiple conditions that compromise her immune system, I cannot and will not jeopardize her health by doing the things necessary to get elected.

The People of this County deserve a candidate who is 100% in. It is not fair to the People if I cannot presently provide the commitment necessary to be both a candidate and a sitting judge. With that in mind, I must withdraw.

I would like to thank my many generous and wonderful supporters including, but not limited to, my wife, Kate Conti, my campaign manager, Jared Collins, my finance chairs Stephen and Lisa Ranzini, my honorary campaign chair, the Hon. Dominic Hamden, Jennifer Smith, Connie Kelly, Dave Wilkinson, Gordon Barnett, Randi and Johnny Irwin, Christian Usera, Hon. David Rutledge, Margie Teall and Graham Teall and the Hon. Lois Richardson.

Kate and I remain committed to you, personally, to the People of this County and to the People of the great State of Michigan.

Guy Conti

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